We are a global circle of Lensbaby photographers who enjoy using all different types of Lensbaby in our work. Once a month we head out for a walk and blog about it, linking to each other so that we can continue in a loop until the circle is completed. I hope you enjoy reading about my visit to Abingdon a market town with a beautiful florist shop this month. I use a Nikon D90 & D7100 with my Lensbaby Composer using the telephoto lens & Twist 60 Optic Lens.

On a weekly basis, I drive past an amazing florist in an old market town not far from my home. Every time I pass it, it fills me with joy, with it’s abundance of seasonal flowers and displays outside. As parking is limited near here, sadly I never really get a chance to visit. But on this occassion, I decided that I would park in the main town and walk to have a look around. The staff are really lovely, and welcomed me to take some photograph’s. I walked across the road to be able to take a shot of the outside, and was delighted to see a man passing on his bicycle. However as I needed to be quick, I just snapped away and hoped that the sweet spot would be there and not have a total image in blur. Fortunately I was happy with what I captured, under a quick shot. Equally I wanted to do something a bit different, I tend to enjoy the countryside, gardens and nature, so giving a more urban setting a go felt at first a little uncomfortable, yet as I adapted to my surroundings, I found that I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Autumn has arrived, and the Florist had made a lovely display of pumpkins peeking out of an antique soup tureen ( dish) placed on a lovely cast iron table. The morning sunshine was just beautiful as it radiated down on the warm pumpkin colours.

I love succulents, and these were gorgeous in their terractota home, basking in the mid morning warmth. Slightly out of sweet spot, but I like the softness of this image.

Hidden behind in the shady part were these gorgeous berried pot plants, wrapped in brown paper they looked so delicate and small and I wanted to evoke that sense of peeking in with this shot.


The Florist had a beautiful decoration around the entrance of the shop with dried hops. They looked truly golden as the sun hit their hanging clusters. Who knew such delicious beer could be made from these wonderful plants.

Please visit the lovely blog post by Carol here at https://www.carolvipperman.com/blog/2018/9/29/sol45 to see more lovely work by our group. Till next month, enjoy all that the new season brings.