We are a global circle of Lensbaby photographers who enjoy using all different types of Lensbaby in our work. Once a month we head out for a walk and blog about it, linking to each other so that we can continue in a loop until the circle is completed. I hope you enjoy reading about a visit my daughter and did Abingdon at the beautiful National Trust this month. I use a Nikon D90 & D7100 with my Lensbaby Composer using the telephoto lens & Twist 60 Optic Lens.

Sadly my old Nikon D90 encountered a significant problem whilst shooting some images by the coast. Which was a huge disappointment to me, as I haven’t explored much of the coastal landscape with my Lensbaby and the range of images that I captured would have looked so lovely. Sigh! I guess all the good camera’s wear eventually. I thought it was just the overexposure as it was a bright day, but upon returning to do the upload and edit, it became clear that a technical fault had occurred as nothing had registered although an image had been indicated as taken. I shall probably get it serviced or looked at. So…in the meantime I took my Nikon D7100 with my Twist 60 Optic and took a glorious Autumn walk with my daughter as we enjoyed a brief week holiday from the school term.

Nearby we are really lucky to have a beautiful National Trust property ( these are usually glorious stately homes, steeped in history with sprawling acres of land that have been passed onto the National Trust to preserve their heritage and ensure all future generations can enjoy them) This particular property has been famous for many glorious film shoots such as ‘Pride & Prejudice’ Jane Austen novel and the hit drama series ‘Downtown Abbey”.

The grounds cover a vast area of woodlands and paths with rolling fields. There are numerous trails colour coded that take you on a variety of walks. There is plenty to see and explore as well as the odd bench to take refuge with a small picnic break. My daughter and I managed nearly 7km of woodland paths, we walked down shaded hollows full of fallen leaves that were a delight to swish with our feet. We stopped by majestic, ancient trees to play games and were in wonder of the canopy of leaves overhead.

I hope you enjoy our little adventure as much as we did.



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