We are a global circle of Lensbaby photographers who enjoy using all different types of Lensbaby in our work. Once a month we head out for a walk and blog about it, linking to each other so that we can continue in a loop until the circle is completed. I hope you enjoy reading about my Oxford City &  Canal path walk this month. I use a Nikon D90 & D7100 with my Lensbaby Composer using the telephoto lens.

Like it’s cousin the University town of Cambridge, there tends to be a glut of bicycles everywhere in Oxford. Being the main mode of inner city transport, they are hard not to spot. This street which houses many studenst in accomodation means that you get to see them parked up against railings. This one particulalrly caught my eye as it was dressed up so pretty with its front basket adorned with pink peony flowers! Equally happy, as I am still getting used to my composer and the sweet spot!

What I like about using the telephoto lens is this rush it seems to lend to an image, like a portal whoosing along the image. I am always pleased when something comes out in focus.

Can you tell there is a theme of bicycles going on here? 🙂

This lovely one was propped against a tree, waiting patinetly for its owner to come home or to emerge from their floating water home to take it on a ride. I liked the shade and texture of the tree it lent itself to this image. Oxfor of course is famous for it’s River, waterways and canals and many a towpath is lined up wuth barges and boats of all shapes, sizes and condition making it a perfect platform for a water community of folk!

Canal boats tethered and moored, I love these boats and their interiors where a practical layout inspires you to live more simply and with home at the heart.

I have a confession to make, I adore Buddha’s and the philosophy behind Buddhism. Magnetically drawn to this lovely one sitting proud ontop of it’s owner’s canal boat.

I wonder what offerings are made? Also if birds flock to the lotus bowl if filled with seeds?

The canal path winds and goes on for miles, loops take you back to the city or outwards towards open meadows. It has been a while since I last visited, but the mystery and folk who commute it’s side paths and watery canals never ceases to inspire.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little something different from me this month and please head over to John’s London City Post http://www.johnmeephotography.com/lensbaby-in-london/