We are a global circle of Lensbaby photographers who enjoy using all different types of Lensbaby in our work. Once a month we head out for a walk or at home and blog about it, linking to each other so that we can continue in a loop until the circle is completed. I hope you enjoy reading about my winter ramble at the beautiful Wittenham Clumps, which dates back to the Iron Age. I use a Nikon D90 & D7100 with my Lensbaby Composer using the telephoto lens & Twist 60 Optic Lens. On this walk, I used my oroginal lenses, Spark & Muse.

I wanted to experiment again with my Spark & Muse lenses as they can add a strong, dreamy artistic feel to an image, which I personally like. The walk takes me up and over the ancient Iron Age Hill, which would have been a fort. I then snake down past a huge rolling field, towards the woodlands below, with their vast meandering paths and a variety of trees and wildlife. I wish I could have had some audio to have played with this post. The birds were incredibly happy with the early morning sun, warming their feathers and in full song. As I took photographs, I could hear in the distance a Woodpecker, pecking away his new home. It is amazing what sounds you can hear when concentrating and are surrounded my nature. The early morning light was just perfect, and despite temperatures plummeting below freezing, the sheer joy of taking photographs helped me keep my mind off, cold fingers and feet that were beginning to freeze inside my wellington boots. I did make a note to myself to take a thick layer of socks next time, but I was too eager to get going after dropping my children to school that I hadn’t packed any!

I felt drawn alot to the ground this time. I love how the canopy above and the structure of the hill allows filtered light to edge in, and cast long shadows. There were lots of thistles and grasses, brambles and fallen leaves and branches and sunshine. I hope you enjoy looking at a small section captured from my morning Winter walk. Please see the link at the end of the post to move onto the next member of our circle.


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