A week that saw bouquets of flowers bundled into buckets and snipped and placed like a carpet of pastel crayons onto the sweet grass below.

To self teaching, learning, going by a gut instinct to take the idea from paper into the reality of a photographic shoot. I have no knowledge or previous experience of working with a styled shoot team, whose brief is to find a country mansion and create an set of images for a bridal magazine. I never have seen how they set up, the props, the make up, the stylists. I didn’t get to watch and observe and absorb their ways of working. So…

I had to go by my own steam and drive, I had to think of the location, how best to place the cloth and then the flowers, then the right dress, the right pose, do I use a step ladder? Do I not? Where do I put the reflector shield ? Is it best here or here? Oh look it will need to be propped up, dash back into the shed and grab a stool, a cushion, oh drat the wind is blowing it onto my model. Okay change its location.

What setting shall I use? f2, f4? How is that ISO looking 400 or above? Let’s click and see how it varies and works. Oh and by the way its the coldest day In April so far, my little sweet model is draped in a blanket to keep warm, the sun is high but the winds are icy.

Is she comfortable? How quickly can I get this shot set up and snapped away? Shall I try and rotate the camera angle? Ah, that’s perfect, wonderful, a slight smile maybe, or let’s try closing your eyes and then open them again, click, click, it’s captured. I think we can do ten more and we are done.

Why do I embark on this creative spurt? Because it calls to me, like a desert wind of moaning sands. I need to stretch as a photographer, to see that I can achieve something that speaks to me and my audience.

To make the idea become something more than fading words in a notebook of ideas that never see the light or the world. There are more images that I want to share from this shoot, but the voice, the musings, the thoughts behind this post called the loudest. So here it is.