We are blessed to have friends who own a magnificent blossom tree next door to us. One weekend my youngest was feeling unwell and wanted to rest in the big bed of mummy and daddy, against mummy’s big white pillow ( I have a ¬†gorgeous continental pillow to prop me up when reading, more of that in a bit) So whilst we did some gardening which involved pruning rampant trees and shrubs, a small branch of blossom tumbled in. So I placed it in a little ceramic vase, which I took up to cheer the patient up! Her face beamed, little peep is a lover of flowers too which brings me to a selection of books for both young & old alike.

Here are a few of our favourite books which are an absolute joy to read, over and over again. We have been using these since little Peep was 3 years old and now she is 5 they bring added joy when she can recognise the words.

Footpath Flowers- Beautifully illustrated and no words! I hadn’t realised the impact of reading this book when Peep was quite small about a father and his daughter taking a walk and all the wonderful places that flowers grow. Until one day when we were out on a stroll, she stopped by a pavement and picked a small flower for me and has collected flowers on our travels ever since.

Miss Rumphius – A truly lovely story about leaving something beautiful behind in the world. I won’t spoil it anymore as you need to get the book to immerse yourself in its message and wonder.

Let’s play – Press Here- Mix it Up – A genius selection of books by an artist with a great vision on how to encourage young children to interact with the book. Each page takes them on a journey and they have to participate to see the magic unfold. These are becoming well-thumbed and used books

Home- For its’ sheer beauty of illustrations about homes around the world and how we interpret what a home means to us and others. Just love diving into this book.

What are your favourite reads?