Oh my goodness, nothing excited me more these past few weeks than the excitement as Saturday 19th approached to celebrate the marriage of Prince Henry of Wales and Ms Meghan Markle. We decided on a traditional English afternoon tea party, which wouldn’t be complete without an Victoria Sponge! Did you know that Queen Victoria was partial to a piece of cake with her afternoon tea hence how this cake came about and has been called a ‘Victoria Sponge’ ever since.

This recipe is the one my mother brought me up on and taught me, and I use it every time.

Two circular 24 cm loose bottom cake tins. Sides greased with butter and the bottom lined with baking parchment.

Pre-heat the oven to 180oC

8 oz Butter ( softened)

8 oz Caster Sugar

3-4 Organic eggs (whatever are nearest to 8oz) beaten

8 oz Sifted Sponge flour ( self-raising)

Tsp of vanilla essence


Strawberry or Raspberry Jam

300 ml Whipped Double cream


Mix the butter and sugar together until pale in colour and soft and fluffy.

Add the beaten eggs slowly to the butter and sugar mixture, mix in the tsp of vanilla essence.

Add the flour and mix everything together really well.

Divide the mixture between both tins and pop onto the middle shelf and bake for approx 15 minutes. Test the centre and remove when cooked to cool on a wire wrack.

Once cooled, place on your serving plate. Spread teh jam across one sponge, then layer up with the whipped cream, gently squeeze down the top sponge and dust with icing sugar.

I used a few blueberries on the side to enhance the Royal Wedding 2018 theme of red, white and blue like our flag!

Enjoy! It certainly didn’t last long in our house.

Do you have a favourite recipe to share?