I’m relatively new to the scene of using Lensbaby within my photography. I was inspired by Janet Broughton of Definitely Dreaming http://www.definitelydreaming.com after seeing some her amazing images and the vast range of styles that can be produced using different lenses.

I started out with the Spark as it was relatively cheap and I found it was a great introduction to the world of shooting with this type of lens.

I tend to be drawn to dark and moody atmospheres, something captured between a dream and a nightmare. This lens didn’t disappoint in creating that out of focus blur I was looking for. Equally, it made me learn more about my camera and ISO settings etc as you can only use it manually.

As my photography skills and confidence grew. I finally made the leap towards the end of the last year with my first grown-up Lensbaby, the Twist 60 Optic.

I’m still finding it fiddly to get my Twist 60 into the composer but once I’m confident it isn’t going to drop out then I’m happy shooting away! I love how it pushes me to explore working in a completely new way than what I am used to. I tend to spend more time thinking about and composing the image. Seeing what will work and what won’t before taking the shot. I know I need to keep practising in finding that sweet spot, which sometimes proves elusive to me as I manoeuvre the lens about. Even so, I still like the blur in these images.

Being part of the blog circle helps me gain confidence as a photographer, as I know that I am amongst others who are at different levels to me, yet they inspire me with their own work and journey. It is a place that I can bounce ideas off and ask questions. It also helps give me focus and room to improve with the aim to produce a body of work purely using this lens. Whilst this is happening I can save up ready for the next jump onto another lens like the velvet.

This is an exciting group so please continue around our circle and take a look at Kim’s work